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Monday, June 15, 2015

Raging Stallion's Armond Rizzo and Trenton Ducato

Armond Rizzo was one of gay porn's biggest stars last year. He is the size of a large gerbil, but somehow can fit literally any man, dildo or vegetable up his butt (the last one hasn't been on film yet, but I have faith). I was on Tumblr looking at hot dudes, per usual, when I came across a pic of him being fucked by Trent Ducati. I did some investigation to find the preview pics of the scene for Raging Stallion, and they did not disappoint. 

Trent's bicep is literally the size of Armond's waist, which makes an interesting pairing. I also enjoyed the over the couch 69ing by Armond. For such a tiny man that was very impressive. Both of these men are in incredible shape (espicially Trent, per usual), and the scene looks incredibly hot. Check out the pics below for a great preview, and head over to for the full scene. More of Armond to come in the future (I'm sort of obsessed). 

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