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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Style: Sexiness Redefined by Slick It Up

Once again Slick It Up has managed to do the impossible, create an unbelievably sexy body suit that I simultaneously wish I were hot enough to wear and also want to jack off to (that can't be healthy...). Their new suit is called the Neon Nude Suit, and it is exactly what it is described as. You will basically be naked wearing it and look like a futuristic escort...essentially it's everything I've ever dreamed of and then some. It's difficult to tell from the promo pics from the company's site where exactly the suit covers. I'm unsure if it is a total cut out around the body or if it is a whole body suit that is made of a see-through material, but I think that adds to come of the interest. You can't tell what part of the body is actually covered, but you can see the whole thing. Overall, I think this suit is unlike anything out on the market right now and is perfect for the upcoming gayest holiday of the year...Halloween. I don't know where I would wear this too, but I really hope that a ripped muscle daddy throws one of these bad boys on soon for all of us to see. Click through for more pics and visit Slick It Up to order. 

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