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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Interview: Sean Cody's Graham

Age: 22
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 170 lb.
Dick Size: 6.5 in. cut
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Hometown: Holly Springs, North Carolina

There's no denying that Sean Cody is essentially the best Frat House when it comes to gay porn. To gain entry you need to be in incredible shape (we're talking basically Olympians), know how to fuck like an animal, and have any amazing handsome face to match. Luckily, Sean Cody's Graham has all of the above, and then some. Coupled with a great sense of humor and a stylishly cool Insta page under the username Wilxxybear (you should def follow), at the ripe age of 22 Graham is basically the gay you are aspiring to be (or at least that's me...). Originally from North Carolina, he's taken over Sean Cody all good bottoms do, and is now moving into traditional modeling and following his artistic dreams. Check out my interview below with Graham to get the inside scoop on all things Sean Cody (and yes, it's as fratty and wonderful as it sounds), and to read where you can find out more about this up and cumming porn stud. 


Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. So tell me, how did you first get involved with Sean Cody?

I first got involved with Sean Cody by a scout that hit me up via Instagram. He asked me if I'd like to make good money in two days, and being a broke college kid I was all for it. Also, took me a while to accept the offer because the guy I was dating at the time wasn't comfortable with me doing anything on film. Good thing I left him ;) 

What was the first sex scene you shot? Who was it with and how did it go?

Thefirst sex scene I shot was with "Tanner". He's very charismatic in films and that's what I like when I look at porn. I don't really get into the meet and pound it out and then leave type of stuff. I had watched some Sean Cody stuff prior to doing my first shoot so I was intrigued to know more about it right from the start and they paired me with my favorite model at the time. We had some chemistry and it went well I thought. That was my first one and easily he was in over 10 films by then, so I was definitely nervous. Having sex on film isn't easy the first time.  But now, the cameramen seem to fade away during scenes. 

Graham & Tanner (credit to

Were you nervous to shoot your first scene?

Yes, I was nervous. I had a real live boy going inside me with his rock hard cock, and here I am every reaction, every noise, being filmed to deliver to the viral masses. 

What did you learn from shooting porn for the first time?

I learned a lot from shooting the first time. You have to be confident. You have to calm your nerves and put on a game face when it's time to shoot. You have to learn how to control a load and also how to take a dick (if you're one of the straight boys). 

What's the hardest part of shooting porn?

The hardest part of doing porn...hmm, I would say two things! The stop and go you go through that seems unbearable by the end of the shoot because your ass is on fire from being penetrated and pounded out, and then asked to re-do one part, or put more energy into another part, it's physically draining.  

What was the best thing about shooting for Sean Cody so far?

The best thing is by far the confidence I’ve gained from it. When people approach me, even where I live in North Carolina, I always give the same reaction...yes I did porn, so what? Most people I doubt could last as long as me getting their ass drilled for hours, and still get off, let alone go back for me. So I'm way more confident now that I've shot for a premium quality porn company, as vanilla as it may be...

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done off film?

Oh boy do I love kink! I think the kinkiest thing ever that I've done, and by far the best thing off film, is have sex on top of a building in Charlotte while watching the city at night. I was bound by my hands with rope, so I couldn't move, and the guy I was seeing at the time had a huge cock. Not that I'm a size queen, but his hit me in all the right places! Literally 30 floors up and my pre-cum was being fed to me while I was getting fucked and watching the city lit up. It was hot. 

What would you be willing to try on screen?

I've definitely wanted to try a threesome or even foursome on screen. And have everyone fuck everyone, eventually. One thing I've grown to like about myself is the more versatile I become the better. Why deny yourself the pleasure right?!

Tell me a secret about shooting gay porn that viewers would be surprised to hear.

What most people don't know, especially with Sean Cody, is that even though most of the boys are straight-ish…they still enjoy it when they're fucking you and seeing themselves please another man. I think blows their minds. Of course most will deny it, but you can always tell if they really enjoy it by their eyes. 

You've become a model recently, how has it been transitioning from porn star to model?

I love being in front of and behind a camera. It just so happened that I have fallen in front of the camera more often lately. I like creating different perspectives and playing with fashion and skin as much as possible. And who can say they don't love beautiful photos?! Modeling gives my vanity a stroke of the ego, (laughs) not really I just have an idea and I go with it. I'm obsessed with it right now. Mixing poses, different location and a meaning behind a particular photo. I am fascinated by it and am really enjoying the transition to being an actual model because I think it's actually harder being an model than doing porn. Modeling is art. It's a whole lifestyle which can be sexy, but not in the same realm as sex modeling. It's just different things and I enjoy actual modeling more. I like leaving something to imagination. 

What suggestions do you give to others who want to enter porn?

If you're not a bottom, stretch…your ass will thank you later! Also always voice it if it hurts or you need a break. Don't worry about getting hard from anxiety or being nervous. The guys really are beautiful and Viagra is always offered. 

What do you plan to do in the future in terms of porn or modeling?

I plan on getting out of the sex film industry. I have enjoyed it for the most part, but like any artist, you have periods where you need change to grow as a person and I think that's where I am. As far as modeling, I will never stop as long as there's a camera. So look out Y’all! ;)

Do your friends and family know you shoot porn? If so, how did they find out?

My close friends know I do it because it's hard to hide it when I'm going out of town and I advertise where I'm going on my Instagram or Snapchat. So they know, yes. I think the first time they asked or anything, it was from seeing me online and not me telling them (laughs). I think it's so funny. Family is a different story. They do not know at all. And it will remain that way…let’s hope. 

What do you look for in a BF?

I don't really like the process of trying to look for a potential partner. It's exhausting. However what I guess I like to see in a mate is confidence, the ability to make me laugh, the ability to relate on at least two awesome interests, I obviously have to be attracted to them and doing porn only made me more picky when I’m paired with meat heads. I look for honesty and I can read people very well and can tell if they're lying pretty much instantly. People suck at lying. Common interests are important and a sense of health. I couldn't date a hard drug user or someone that doesn't stay in the gym. I really just want a guy I can lift with, eat with, be around and genuinely like spending time with. So maybe a Netflix and chill buddy is what I need. I'm a pro at cuddling. And guys that can cook are going to win me over. If I laugh AND like your food, it's a date not a hookup (laughs).

Where can people see more of you?

People are free to follow me on Instagram if they'd like to see more of my recent modeling and adventure type stuff. My Instagram is Wilxxybear. Threw a little sex appeal on the name and forewarning to anyone who reads this that my Instagram is not suitable for work or NSFW. Other than that I am on Tumblr and absolutely love it and won’t do anything else for hours on end sometimes because everyone that has Tumblr knows it's like quicksand. You sink into it and don't ever want to leave. My Tumblr is also wilxxybear

NOTE: All images' copyright and ownership belong to & Wilxxybear.


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