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Sunday, June 14, 2015's Colby Jansen Fucks Aspen

So, let's get the awkward part of this post out of the way early...Colby Jansen's beard. #ColbyJansenBeard #VomTownUSA

I'm unsure which producers/directors told him that it would be a good idea to grow a beard of this size, but they were mistaken. I can picture him with some facial hair and looking hot. I can picture him with zero facial hair and looking hot. But I cannot look at him with this much facial hair and get aroused. I won't do it.

Colby has been going downhill for awhile (cut to the internet trolls making fun of him for getting fat a while ago), but this beard is just too much. I'm happy to see he's trimmed down again and that the bod is looking good, but the facial hair has got to go. I also can't get into it with the other guy named "Aspen" (that's too easy even for my satirical ass). He has a hot body and an unbelievable bubble butt, but he's so generic and the name is just too obscure that I'm not into it. I think the guys are sexual, but this isn't the best of the best. Sorry to be a hater, but I love all of your other men if that helps!

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