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Monday, October 12, 2015

Style: Venom & Anti-Venom Suits from Slick it Up

Well the good news is Slick It Up is once again producing amazing clothing, the bad news is you are going to be broke AF because you'll need to purchase it all (seriously). You have probably seen the newest promo materials from Slick It Up advertising their new Venom and Anti-Venom suits, modeled by the wonderfully sexy @pandoraboxny and Slick It Up's own creative (evil) genius. This gear is literally out of control on the sexiness level. I'm unsure who designed the cuts of the suits, but he or she deserves a raise (like maybe run for President type of raise). the cuts cover all of the essentially goodies (aka the peen), but leave just the right amount to the imagination. Personally, I really love the venom one, but that's mostly because it involves a good amount of spandex/lycra that I think really makes the ass look extra tasty (was that too far? who cares). But you really can't go wrong with either suit, they are both perfection. Well done Slick It Up, I can't wait to see what comes next! Check out the suits below and click the headings for more info and ordering. 



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