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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shop: Battysta Swimwear

Just because summer is over it doesn't mean that we can all forget about the number one most important thing...summer will be here in roughly six months. As such, it's time to start thinking about getting new (and great gear) for those warm months while we prepare for the brutal winter (at least if you live in NYC like me). Luckily for us, Battysta is here to provide your fix for swim, sport and underwear (specifically the swim..these suits are insane). Originally based out of Columbia, and now working in Miami and shipping to the United States and all over the world, Battysta is growing their brand and providing beautifully ass-enhancing swimwear for all. Some of the best pieces they offer are comical cartoon based swimsuits, such as a nod to SpongeBob and the Cartoon Network. The gear appears to fit extremely well, have a great cut, and the playful nature of the prints guarantee you are sure to stand out. I am excited to shop the brand see what they have in store. You can shop the collection both HERE and if you are in the states, HERE

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