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Thursday, September 17, 2015

WWE's Seth Rollins in Tights in the Gym. WOOF.

I'm not going to pretend that I know who any of the WWE superstars are. I know that people follow this "sport" like a fat woman follows cheeses, but I just can't get into the fake drama of it all (I leave fake drama to Bravo TV viewing). To me, the WWE guys are basically one step away from being gay porn stars. Same insanely ripped bodies that only drugs (allegedly) can create, and a lot of sweaty man on man action...basically professionally wrestling is gay porn. With that said, I am a follower of the hotties that make up the WWE when they are 1) wearing kink inspired gear (see above) 2) wearing speedos or 3) working out in insanely tight clothing and how shirt (see below).

Seth Rollins is one of these WWE stars. As you can see from his pics he unbelievably built and sexy. That core and upper body is just beyond gorgeous. Coupled with the tights about those massive's just too much for one fat gay blogger to take (aka me). I'm unsure what this cross-fit inspired photo-shoot is for, but I am grateful that it happened. Check out after the jump for more pics of the beast known as Seth Rollins working out, and be sure to stay tuned because I already feel my WWE obsession growing...

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