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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Seed: Falcon Studios' the "Hunt" Features Chris Bines

If there is one aspect I adore of the Falcon Studio Group (beside's them providing us with ridiculously muscled men with enormous cocks) it's their E-Zine, "Hunt." You can sign up for free and they will give you some preview pics and videos of their upcoming movies, behind the scenes shots, and my now favorite, model spotlights. The most recent version of Hunt featured model Chris Bines. If you have a pulse, are breathing and have working vision then you've noticed the image above and that Chris Bines its an absolute total stud. Between those enormous shoulders and arms, and that fat dick, the guy is a total beast. Not to mention a beard that would put most lumberjacks to shame (I assume, I know very few lumberjacks sadly). I don't know why I never really focused on this guy before, maybe he just gets lost in the shuffle of all the Falcon meat, but my attention is laser-focused and I'm honing in for good. More pics after the jump. 

I am unsure if Chris Bines is gay or straight, but he can sure take a dick like any bottom bitch I know (aka me looking in a mirror) and and top like a man fresh out of the clink (aka my dream boyfriend). Falcon wrote a great blurb about him that you can read below, and they featured an even hotter gallery of some of his best work (pairing with Sebastian Kross anyone?). Check out his full feature on Falcon's site and sign up for the Hunt (you won't regret it).

"A nice fat cock, an insatiable, award-worthy bubble butt, a perfect furry body spattered in tattoos and a mountain man sex appeal are all possessed by A-Team Exclusive Chris Bines. This charming, dynamic super-versatile hunk ranks among the men you just can’t get enough of. He’s flashing his bedroom blue eyes and letting his hot ass loose as an Exclusive for over a year now, and creating an impressive gay porn-resume in the process. With eight inches and over a dozen feature DVDs under his belt, Bines has delivered exciting and dynamic performance after performance in recent hits like Falcon Edge’s Krossfire, Hot House’s newest releases Hard Medicine and Fine Tuned Ass and the upcoming Raging Stallion blockbuster, Total Exposure 1, slated for release on September 11. Stay tuned, because there are definitely more amazing things cumming from this world-class stud."

NOTE: All images' copyright and ownership belong to the Falcon Studio Group

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