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Monday, September 21, 2015

Style: The Camo Swim-brief by Wapo Wear

Although it may be slowly turning into fall here in the Northeast (kill me now), that's no reason to stop dreaming about warm weather, and more importantly, hot dudes in tiny swimsuits. As previously stated, a trillion times, I am obsessed with anything gear related, so it should come as no surprise to any of you queens (and kings) that I am obsessed with the new camouflaged swimsuits introduced by the always sexy, Wapo Wear

If you've seen any of Wapo Wear's previous suits or social media presence then you are well aware that they always sell sex...which is one of the reasons why I love the brand. It focuses on taking already gorgeous men and using brilliantly designed gear to emphasize the best parts of the male physique (aka read as bulge and ass). The designs are eye-catching, but not too over the top to where you feel like a pinata strolling down the streets of Miami Beach (just enough classy, and just enough trashy). One of their new suits, the Camouflage in Yellow and Torquoise, is one of those suits that provides enough intrigue but it's not over the top. I love the camo pattern, but then again I would wear camo to the opera if it were socially acceptable (or if I could afford a ticket to the opera). 

I love the way the design makes the ass look (at least on the model) and think it would do the same for me (if I can just shake these last 75 lbs of fat). I also love the little "Wapo" tag on the side of the shorts. I think it's super cute and not too invasive for the brand. If you are thinking about (read as should be always) purchasing a new suit, I would suggest the Camouflage options from Wapo Wear. Happy Monday!

Camouflage Yellow

Camouflage Turquoise 

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