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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Shop: The Charlie by MZ Clearance Sale

Good news for the gays, but bad news for their wallets. Charlie by MZ, one of the gay world's favorite designers and slut approved gear, is having a clearance sale. As we move into fall, Charlie is working on debuting new underwear and jocks, and is moving away from swim for the time being (don't fret, I can guarantee that there will be more swim in Charlie's future). As such, the company is hosting a HUGE clearance sale where you can finally purchase that suit you've been stalking all summer, and join the ranks of the cool and trendy gays (which let's be real, is the only reason we all buy this stuff). Click ahead to see my picks from the clearance sale (and you should trust me because I am the divine queen of style) and check out the full sale HERE. Happy shopping you bubble butted beauties!

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