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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shop: Calendars by Colt


It seems as though every sexy bitch and their gay brother are putting out calendars now that the year is close (dare I say that) to coming to an end. Whether they are the explicit ones that show full dick like Raging Stallion, or the sexy and artful ones from Instafamous gays like like Willie Gomez, there is a never-ending slew of calendars that you can choose from (and jack off to) for the upcoming year.

Some of the best ones I've seen so far (aside from my lover Tank Joey's) are the ones presented by Colt Studios. With such categories as leather, couples, butt and boys, the company has really gone all out to find beautiful men to match whatever flavor of kink you like. Personally, I wish the daddy from the leather one would legit get this booty (click through to see who I mean), but all of these guys are insanely hot no matter what you are into. Other studios may produce newer and larger quantities of men and scenes, but there is no denying that no one can compete with the eye and beauty that is a Colt product. Having any of these hanging on your wall for a year will basically be a piece of (gay) art, and is (almost) guaranteed to bring you joy (and boners, lots of boners). 

Click through to see the covers for the rest of the calendars being sold. 






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