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Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Hear It for the Butts! Plump Reading by Photographer Luke Austin

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One thing I haven't revealed about myself thus far (let's be real, there are about a trillion dinosaur size secrets I haven't revealed) is that I am a book nerd/book hoarder. I am a fan of any book that is weird or out of the ordinary, and if it combines hot men or eroticism then it's guaranteed that I will purchase it ASAP. I have a pretty large library thus far (and a large penis...wait what were we talking about) and I love adding new books to my collection. As such, I was more than thrilled to learn that one of Insta's most famous gays, Luke Austin, has released a new collection of his work in his newest book, "Butt, A Mini Beau Book."
Luke Austin is super famous among the homos for being married to a hot guy, taking pics of himself in his undies and producing sexy minimalism photographs of other Instafamous gays who wear very little clothing. He's basically living the dream life and I'm a (fugly) jealous bitch. He runs a blog, The Shady Beau, where you can see some of his most recent gorgeous work and sells some of his works in limited edition books (what we are talking about here). I own one of his books already and love it, and am excited to see his newest work, "Butt", which you can purchase HERE

I like Austin's work because it's simple and shows truly gorgeous men stripped to their basics. The work speaks for itself without trying too hard (and in doing so will get you instantly hard). It's just men, good atmospheres and sexy bodies. It's not a complicated process and I enjoy that, you don't need to be a wannabe to produce great work. I definitely suggest you follow his Insta page (which if you're reading this you probably already are) and head over to his website and shop to pick up "Butt." I hope that Austin moves into complete nudes and maybe even some work with actual penetration...because why not. Tasteful gay porn erotic photography never goes out of style...or maybe I'm just delusional. Enjoy some of the prints you can purchase from his WEBSITE below, and make sure to pic up a copy of "Butt" today. 







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