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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Artist Another Instagram-er's Playfully Arousing Works

SKIN 1.2 / TWISTER | #ragingstallion #collage

SKIN 1.0 | #ragingstallion #SeanZevran #LoganMoore #collage (at )

Insanely ripped gay porn stars? Check. Artistic integrity? Check. Boner? Check. Tumblr artist, Another Instagram-er has combined basically all of my favorite things in life (minus donuts) into his work and the outcome is outstanding. I'm unsure who the artist his, his Tumblr page doesn't give much information about him, but I'd like t know more and if he has a site where I can purchase (and then subsequently jack off to) his works. The works give almost a vintage feel to modern porn stars engaging in some hardcore fucking, and use creative editing to get you aroused without showing any nudity. I love the seriousness that comes with the guys fucking and the juxtaposition (I know big words...just think DICK) of the gay sex just makes the pieces even funnier. Click through for more of Another Instagram-er's works and head to his page for all of his creativity (aka more man-sex).

SKIN 2.6 / CHECKING THE INTERIOR | #nsfw version @

SKIN 2.0 / RAW | #helixstudios #collage

SKIN 1.8 | #collage #qxgaylondon

SKIN 0.6 | #dirtyboyzmagazine #collage  (at )

SKIN 1.4 / PHYS ED | #collage

F-SKIN 0.2 / SITTING ON BONE | #jilsander #fashioncollage

NOTE: All images' copyright and ownership belong to Another Instagram-er on Tumblr.

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