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Friday, August 7, 2015

Store: The Orcus Swim Brief by


There's no denying to anyone that Francoiss Sagat is one of the gay world's biggest (I mean that physically, the guy is a muscle beast) and sexiest stars. From his days of gay porn (don't act like you don't remember) to his newest and greatest venture (in my opinion),, the man knows fashion and cool. His work is actually artistic, and not in the sense where he is a try-hard who thinks he is artistic, he truly is an artist and that shines through in his clothing. He is also just a fucking stud, so you are immediately drawn to that body and whatever it's doing (see @francoisssagat on Insta) is Francoiss Sagat's clothing company and it's beyond in terms of sexy clothing tailored towards the gay man. The pieces are actually unique and have great design, see the trunks above, and are one of a kind statement pieces that will be sure to get you noticed in Fire Island (and if that doesn't work just drop trow all together). I also LOVE that the prices are affordable. The trunks here are only $45.00, compared to the insane amounts you have to pay be a Charlie stud, this is basically free (note: I am also not hot enough to be a Charlie stud).

I am going to feature a bunch of his new stuff that has been debuting (see this amazing Orbit jacket), and wanted to start with a swim suit because the summer days are quickly dwindling (frowny face). This suit is the Orcus Swim Brief and features a beautiful image of Francoiss in a brief right on the bulge (like swimsuit inception). Aside from having Francoiss on my junk by wearing this suit (which is the closest I will ever come to him being in that region), I love the architectural aspects to the design. It's unique and cool and undeniably sexy. Head to to shop the whole collection, and expect I will be wearing this brief to hang with all my franz (aka eat ice cream alone on my couch).



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