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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Seed: Sexy NYC Lifeguards

If there is one thing that can be said about NYC, it's that the people are unbelievably sexy at all times (sorry LA, NYC just has a certain swagger that hair gel and spray tans can't compete with). From models walking down the street, to the douchiest of bros working in the Financial District, the City is packed with hot guys from all walks of life who live to make you (and me) thirsty as hell.

It should be no surprise then that the beaches of NYC are also packed with insanely hot dudes who not only get you excited in your nether regions, but are also responsible for saving your life (swoon). The NY Mag was kind enough to find some young muscle twinks who patrol the beaches in practically nothing, and to put them on display for the world to see in a fine piece of journalism found HERE

Now I'm unsure why all of the lifeguards in NYC's beaches are 18-21 years old, wearing orange tight swimsuits that show their bulges and asses, and are all in incredibly good shape, but I sure as hell am not complaining about it. The guy pictured above and in the last image below are two of the sexiest lifeguards I have ever seen, and coupled with the barely-there swimsuits these guys are wearing, the images are just too hot to handle. I don't know how these suits got selected as the standard issue trunk, but I am thanking the gay man who chose them. Needless to say, I will be at the beach indefinitely for the remaining summer weekends. See you there fellas. 

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