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Friday, July 10, 2015

New Cummer: Real Men Real Life

If there is one thing I love, it's mature muscular men (and one in spandex/singlet is basically my living wet dream). There is something that really gets me going about a guy who is older but still has an incredibly strong and beefy body (daddy issues anyone?). I think I find the age and extreme muscle to be the turn on. The concept that a guy is forty or fifty plus, but still so strong and active is hugely arousing. 

Real Men Real Life is a photography studio and Tumblr that beautifully captures some of the sexiest daddies and mature muscular men around. The photos are beautifully done and show some hot men in their primes. The variety in types of dudes (read as bears, daddies, muscle bears and cubs) combined with an overall theme of "muscle" really provides for exceptional photos. I mean, there truly is nothing greater than seeing a grown, thick as fuck man wearing a bring yellow thong. 

I would like to personally offer to be the official daddy oilier for RMRL's photo-shoots. I feel like I could really get into the nooks and crannies of some muscle daddies and make sure they are looking their best. Until that time, I will (patiently) wait and continue to check out RMRL HERE

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