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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Cummer: Next Door World's Ivan James

I am honestly in awe of this new stud from Next Door World. He is basically the southern, thick-as-fuck jock that we have all been fantasizing about for years now (or maybe that was just me...). I would love to know his stats, because I am sure he is close to 230 lbs of solid muscle, unless he's like 5'6" in person in which case...still fuck me. 

Just look at that body, his triceps stick it further than any of my muscles ever have (or will), including my quads, and from the side his pecs look like actual tits (a solid C-cup nonetheless). I do not know where Next Door World found this dude, but they need to go to that source and keep giving me these men. Ivan almost looks like one of the roided out models from GayHoopla (allegedly), but with less of a frat star face (thank heavens). The only thing better on this man would be some more hair, but at least he has a beard to make up for the lack of body hair. 

His face is adorable, his dick is beautiful and that body is out of control. Basically I am proposing to him in this post, and I know that this gay-for-pay (allegedly) man is going to say yes...right? The only thing I can ask Next Door World for is to replace those ratty ass underwear with a Speedo or singlet. Just image this stud emerging from a pool in a white Speedo with a raging hard-on...admit're a little hard just thinking of it. Here's to the introduction of an incredibly sexy man and counting down the days until we see him fuck something or get fucked. The countdown begins NOW!

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