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Friday, June 5, 2015

Now That We're Summer Ready: Charlie by Matthew Zink

It's no surprise to any homosexual on this planet that the illusion known as Matthew Zink posts some of the hottest pictures on social media, and quite possibly the entire internet. I don't know where he captures the models from, but he manages to get some of the most beautiful men and women you can imagine to model his swim and clothing line (Matthew himself isn't horrible on the eyes either).

While I am building this blog and adding content, I thought it would only be fitting to incorporate a man who has somehow managed to get the hottest homosexuals (and inspiring queens too) to buy his expensive products, pose in them online, and then tag him and his brand (i.e. a free marketing genius). I love everything that he does creatively, and I look forward to the day when I have lost enough weight to actually wear his products (and workout at the David Barton Gym).

For now, I thought it would be best to show you some of my favorite pieces from his current line to get you inspired to workout out harder and then cry while you eat donuts because you don't like his models, aka my Friday  nights. Below are my selections from his 2015 Men's Swimwear line, but you can see the entire collection HERE. Keep up the great work Matthew (read as: we want more hot guys in skimpy swimwear).

Charlie Grecian Foil Brief - $140.00

Charlie Lifeguard Brief - $120.00

Charlie Trainer - $125.00

Charlie Lifeguard Brief - $125.00

Charlie Lifeguard Brief - $155

Charlie Grecian Coin Brief - $75.00

Charlie Trainer - $125.00

Charlie Sport Brief - $120.00

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