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Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Cummer: Professor Pietro Boselli

By now you must have heard about the college professor who was hiding the most interesting thing about him from his students, his fantastic body. His name is Pietro Boselli and he's a college professor in Europe. A few weeks ago he went viral when one of his students discovered that underneath his clothing was something way more interesting than most things taught in any classroom setting...abs. 

Cut to now, where the homosexuals have officially taken control of the situation, stripped Mr. Boselli and put him on the cover of Attitude magazine. I couldn't be prouder. The man truly is built like a Greek God, so it is only fitting that he is immortalized in one of our time's most notarized publications. I'm sure there is a story covered in the magazine somewhere, but let's be real, the only thing you or I am concerned with are the pictures. See below for all of Pietro's dreaminess, and try not to faint upon imagine consumption. 

NOTE: All image's copyright and ownership belong to Attitude Magazine

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