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Monday, June 22, 2015

Athletic Baseball Pant's for Gym and Kink

C-IN2 makes some incredibly hot gear, specifically underwear and swimsuits (one of those dream for the ass to be able to pull off in public type of sexy). However, I was pursuing the website looking for sexual apparel to wear for my non-existent boyfriend when I stumbled upon the Grip Athletic Baseball Pant, a break from underwear and swimsuits but just as sexy.

The pants go to the knee, which is a great break between traditional shorts and long tights, and the sheerness of the tights make them incredibly sexy to wear at gay parties or for your special someone (for me, that's the Domino's delivery guy). The pics have them styled with clip-in bike shoes for cycling, but I would throw a pair of shorts over them and wear them as cool street style or to workout in (sans shorts so everyone can see your junk). There are so many small details too that make the pants cool (see drawstrings, logo on the side, triangles on the front). The pants are on sale now, so click HERE and pic up a pair, or shop the rest of the site to get your sexy back.  

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