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Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Clusterfuck! from Raging Stallion and Things Keep Getting Better

I previously wrote about Boomer Banks and Rocco Steele gettin' it on for Raging Stallion's Clusterfuck! 2, and new images have come out that now involve one of my favorite porn starts, Billy Santoro (and some other random guy I don't really care about). Naturally, these pictures are pure fire. The dicks and muscles are enormous, Boomer is taking it from all directions, and Billy's bicep vein is out of control. I'm unsure who put these guys together, but they should be given an Oscar. 

The only way this scene could have been better is if the rando fourth guy were swapped out with a black dude or Armond Rizzo. It's nice that Boomer is our little latina sensation in the scene, but let's be real...three white guys is not that groundbreaking. Rocco is holding it down for the muscle daddies, but we need some black dick up in here. Just imagine a huge 12 inch black beauty among Boomer's and Rocco's, it just makes sense. Hopefully you're reading this Raging Stallion and taking it to hear, we need more hot hung black men!

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