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Monday, June 29, 2015

Current Obsession: GayHoopla's Wrestling Gods

I don't know where GayHoopla gets their models from, but I imagine it to be a combination of the fountain of youth and Muscle Beach in California. These dudes have the muscular physiques of men 30 years their senior, and its a questionable paradise. The models seem to get hotter and bigger as they debut, and I honestly have not a clue how it's happening (read: I love it--keep it cumming).

One of my favorite obsessions is anything tight, so a singlet stretched to its max on a beefy boy is a great day in my world. This scene for GayHoopla featuring three adonises in tight singlets was shot over a year ago but is still one of my favorite scenes in all of gay porn (I'm contemplating making these pics my screensaver at work). There is just something about these three enormous dudes and bubble butts in singlets that just works, and thankfully GayHoopla discovered the formula. All I can request, please more of this!

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