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Friday, October 2, 2015

Marek+Richard 2015 Halloween Lookbook

I've written about the wonderful Marek + Richard before, (mainly because I am absolutely obsessed) and the company has outdone themselves again with their Halloween collection. Typically a company will put out one or two things for the holiday, but Marek + Richard have stepped it up and debuted and entirely new collection and lookbook for the big event (as as a gay you know, that no holiday is bigger than Halloween). The collection features an amazing eyeball crop top that I will need to purchase as asap (once I get a never), see below. It also features a shirt that reads "Boner" made out of bones, which I will again need to purchase immediately. The clothes are cool, funny and something you won't see anywhere else, which is only part of the reason why I love this brand.  There is also an insane number of pieces from this collection, which is perfect for if you need to swap your outfit numerous times on Halloween from all the sex, i mean "fun." you're having. Once again, Marek+Richard have produced success and I fucking love it! You can view the entire lookbook and shop the collection HERE. Happy Halloween Hunties.

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