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Monday, September 14, 2015

Willie Gomez's 2016 Calendar, "Stark"

Willie Gomez 2016 STARK Calendar Pre-Order Sale
Willie Gomez is a dancer (for Brit Brit in Vegas), a model, an aspiring singer and a total stud. Aside from having an insane body (seriously though, how is that even humanly possible?) he is fortunate enough to have an equally striking face (which is hard to know what I'm talking about). I'm unsure what his background is, but it's all working for him. Look at that scruff people, I want to just lick it off his face (...totally normal). Lucky for us, Willie teamed up with Kevin McDermott, one of my favorite photographers, to create a 2016 calendar that you can purchase HERE. Kevin is unbelievably talented, I post a lot of his stuff on my Insta page, and you should check out his page for even more hotness {HERE}. Together, the two of these men have created what appears to be a beautiful work of art for the upcoming year (i.e. resolution to look like Willie Gomez). The calendar is on sale now for pre-order and you can click after the jump for a preview of some of the months.

Willie Gomez 2016 STARK Calendar Pre-Order Sale

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