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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shop: Sexy Danny Miami Swimwear

Snake Print

Although summer may be slowly fading away, there is never the wrong time to look for great new swim suits. Let's be real, as a true homo you are never going to let some snow or cold weather stop you from showing off your ass or bulge (whichever you are packing), so we need to continually look for cool new designers. Enter Florida based swimwear designer, Danny Miami.

I have always been a huge fan of Versace (I saw always as if I am older than a tween) and Danny Miami's styles reflect certain aspect of Versace's style, coupled with his own unique flare, that I am innately drawn to. I am particularly interested in this suit, the Snake Print that you can purchase HERE. For $42 it's a great deal and I love that the snake pattern isn't obtrusive, so someone really has to stare at your bulge (or ass) to see it.  That's exactly what I'm looking for. Check out Danny Miami's entire site for cool gear (and hot models). I'm a fan, so naturally you should be too.

Snake Print

Snake Print

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