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Friday, August 14, 2015

Shop: New Bulge Tastic Gear from Ergowear


I was reading (which every good homo should be readying, including you) and they did a feature on a new underwear, swim, slut, lifestyle company called Ergowear. Upon further investigation (and one too many inappropriate visits to, I determined that Ergowear is the new slutty/fabulous underwear and swim gear that us gays (including you bi closeted jocks) have been desperately looking for. 

The secret to Ergowear and what makes the company so unique is the ball-pouch (note: that's not the technical term, but hopefully it'll catch on). They add what appears to be extra fabric to the groin region which allows your junk to fly freely and for everyone to see what you're packing (this look may be particularly good for the bigger boys...or everyone). Just look at the jock in these pics at the pool, I can see the fine hairs on his balls, and I am certainly not complaining. Just imagine seeing your local muscle jocks the gay watering hole wearing suit like these...

I already purchased THIS and and working on building the confidence (and abs) to be able to pull THIS off for the summer of 2018. Basically, I am already obsessed with this site and you should be too. You can check out Queerty's full article HERE and shop for all of their latest (and greatest) products. Happy bulge shopping! 

P.S., If you are reading this Ergowear, feel free to send me any discarded suits you have lying around. I know one (Matthew Camp) or two (Rikk York) babes who I'd love to shoot in them. 





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