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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Seed: Calvin Harris for Armani

In the greatest swan story to hit this millennium, Calvin Harris has turned from an ugly troll into a totally fuckable babe (with a mild to serious case of gay face). The creative geniuses at Armani have decided to pimp out the hoe to sell some overpriced undies, and quite frankly, I am loving it.

Those abs are actually insane, and I would like to thank his fitness coaches, nutritionists and plastic surgeons for making this all happen. In my heart of hearts I know that the bulge if fake, but I am just going to blissfully pretend that it isn't to make my day and week much better (and my jacking off to these pics for the next 28 hours). I have to give credit where credit it due, because the Hollywood machine has really turned this man around and produced a serious hottie.

Aside from anything spandex related, I have a serious fetish for transformations (i.e. the Chris Pratt one was a serious boner bender). Much like old muscular men, there is something to be said about someone completely transforming himself and becoming a stud and more importantly putting in the effort to do so. It just proves that anyone (with millions of dollars) can transform, so there's hope for all of us (well maybe you, I'm addicted to the McRib). I applaud Harris' effort and hope that one day his career will slip far enough that we can see him sans the Armani. Until then, check out the pics below. 

NOTE: All images' copyright and ownership belong to Armani 

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