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Friday, July 31, 2015

Store: Nasty Pig's Touch Football Jersey

This whole summer I have been mildly (read as seriously) obsessed with mesh. I don't know if it is the sweltering heat here in NYC that requires shirts with holes in them, or the desire to just look like a slut all the time (read as I am still basically a virgin), but I need mesh in my life at all times. Enter Nasty Pig, one of the best clothing companies out there for fashionable gay men and their ability to make me fall to my needs with desire for their Touch Football Jersey

I love the combination of sporty with mesh and the huge lettering that reads "NASTYPIG" across the back. Whether you are walking through the mall sipping on a Jamba Juice in the suburbs, or getting plowed by 5 hung black men in Fire Island, there is not place that you don't want people to know that you are in fact a NASTYPIG (read as wear this to your first day of college). I also love love love the logo on the front, it's so unassuming and like you're part of a secret club of all hot guys (of which I would not be a member). 

At $98.00 this Jersey is certainly pricey, but then again you can't pay too much to have good style and look like a sexy bitch. You can shop the item HERE and get all of the details, and I expect to see this on numerous hot guys for the rest of the summer (and of course on my bedroom floor each morning). 

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