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Monday, June 8, 2015

Singlet Style: Slick It Up

For some reason, I have been extremely into singlets recently. Maybe it's the fantasies of fucking college wrestlers, or the fantasies of fucking muscle daddies in singlets, or possibly it's the fantasies of fucking any living breathing man in a singlet that have me focused on them. Regardless, I am into them as of late and think everyone else should be too. 

Slick It Up is one of my favorite NYC-based gay sexual clothing companies who happens to make a few select (and very erotic) singlets. Their clothing is extremely sexual and bold, and makes you wish you could bang half the models wearing the items (more to come on the models at a later date). The few featured below are made of pleather and spandex, and show off my favorite part of a man...his ass. 

In particular, the newly released Wrestlesex Singlet (real name) is a favorite of mine. I'm unsure who the man is who can pull off the look, but I would like to meet (and marry him). Enjoy some of the selections below, and follow Slick It Up (@SlickItUp) on Insta for more hot pics. Make sure to check out their online store HERE (oh and definitely get a singlet and then @NewCummerBlog so I can see and enjoy). 

Leather Look Singlet - $84.00 - HERE

Maximum Singlet - $118.00 - HERE

Wrestlesex Singlet - $84.00 - HERE

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