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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Seed: Gorgeous Shots from Black Rose Photography

Recently, I had the great opportunity to meet and up and coming photographer based out of Tampa, Florida who manages to capture the unbelievably sexy Floridian boys in their natural elements, and showcase tasteful images with a flare for the nude (aka why I am in love). This photographer is none other than Black Rose Photography

Black Rose Photography started in 2011 and has since flourished into a well known studio working with celebrities, aspiring models, and the likes of some of the hottest boys I've seen in a very very long time (umm hello, that sexy boy above...swoon). You can personally book a session with Black Rose where you can shoot a variety of types of shots, not just the nudes that I love. See his website HERE for a full list of the types of pics he takes and his prices. You can also email him him for more info if you are in the Tampa, Florida area and I'm sure he will make you look bangin (for me that would be a lot of photoshop). Email: I love that the photos are high quality, feature sexy boys (duh) and are tasteful. There is a huge difference between slutty nude shots and true art, and Black Rose's pics fall on the latter. 

Click through to see more of Black Rose Photography's gorgeous work, or visit his site for more details. Oh, and follow him on INSTA for more updates (and even better bubble butts). I'll be sure to post more from the talented artist for all our enjoyments! 

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