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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mature Muscle Daddy, "Vic Rocco," from Manifest Men

If you are like me, then you have a huge obsession with mature muscle. Aside from my obvious obsession with spandex and lycra, muscle daddies are my next love (I think I need fetish rehab). I was perusing the web looking for muscle all good gays do, when I came upon The site features photo sets, like the one here of the hunky Vic Rocco, from all different types of muscled men and daddies, but the consistent trend is hunky built men (le duh). You can purchase a membership to the site and see everything, or just certain photo sets. These pics are older, but the newer work from Manifest Men is just as good if not better (like you'll be jacking of for hours type of good). There is  nothing sexier than a man with an older face and a body that is typically associated with someone half of his age, and luckily for you (and me) that is exactly what is serving up. Enjoy these pics and head to their site for the full deal.

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