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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little Rubber Number for a Fun Weekend is one of my favorite gay stores online. They specialize in all forms of kink, and know how to spice up any weekend, festival or Tuesday morning you can imagine (I would shoot for this stuff all the time...and possibly at work).

I was looking at their products, perusing the dildos and harnesses if you will, and came across the rubber section. Everyone who knows me knows that my number one kink is spandex/lycra, but rubber is a close second. There are so many products to feature, that I figured the best way to show you my faves (all of them) is to highlight one product at a time (...more enjoyment for everyone at that rate). 

This is the Neck Entry Suit - No Zippers. It's $299.95 and can be found HERE. You might be thinking, "that's a lot of money for a rubber suit." Well that's false. You can wear this to church, a funeral, the office or to your local bingo hall. Really it's an investment. One you and I should be investing in. If you aren't interested in purchasing right now then at least look at the can jack off to the idea of me (and you) in a suit. Enjoy. 

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