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Friday, June 19, 2015

Battle of the Donkey Dicks

Per usual, Raging Stallion has produced one of the hottest gay porn scenes I've seen in a very long time in Clusterfuck! 2. The big draw here is the battle of the biggest dicks in the biz, muscle daddy Rocco Steele and latina sensation Boomer Banks. Both of these guys have some of the fattest juiciest dicks in gay porn, and together they probably have a combined 35 lbs. of dick meat (the term "dick meat" may be a little too much...or the name of a future Raging Stallion flick).

 Boomer is the lucky bottom, but I honestly wish it would have been a flip fuck scene. Although Rocco is a seriously hot top, I am getting a little tired of watching him top everyone. The scene could have been upped a notched with the premiere of Rocco bottoming for Boomer. Just imagine all of those inches in're probably already hard. Most likely Rocco's bottoming debut has already been filmed by someone and we'll get to see it soon (because let's be talks sweeties and you know Rocco loves that cash), but for now this intense seem will have to do. Enjoy the preview and head over to for the full video.  

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